Disclaimer Alert!!!

Welcome & Warning: What you need to know about me — especially if you’re waiting for another book…

I don’t burn every batch of brownies. It only happens when I attempt to bake and write at the same time — not a wise combination in my house! You see, I am horribly inept at multi-tasking. When Life attacks from all directions, I can (and do) juggle multiple demands, but the results are usually never pretty. That’s because I’m wired to live in each moment, to focus my attention on one thing/event/activity at a time. Case in point: when I am grocery shopping and my cell phone rings, I have to pull my cart over to the side of the aisle to take the call. Seriously, I cannot shop for food and talk on the phone at the same time. No can do. Because God only knows what might end up in my cart without my knowing. Pathetic, I know, but It is what it is” (my favorite mantra!), so I’ve learned to embrace my Mono-Tasking Self. After all, my best work comes from this girl! She’s efficient, organized, and attends to detail. And she’s working on another book — but you must be patient because it has to come together in her Spare Time. Life is full. Life is busy. Life is good. Meanwhile, bake some brownies and enjoy the chew!