Next Book Coming Soon!

Two years. That’s about how long it takes, these days, for me to write a book. Not too bad when you throw in the Family/Life/Work schedule. AND, considering my first book took a span of twenty years…well, my writing pace has improved significantly, don’t you think?

Book Two, Something to Remember, featuring Ali and Declan, will be ready — I hope! — this February, 2014. We (meaning me and my characters) are just tying up lose ends, making sure everyone and everything gets due closure. Then, a final edit and read-through, which I do myself. Journalism happened to be my undergraduate degree and I try my best to make sure I’ve punctuated, capitalized and grammarized (okay, that last word I totally made up!) the entire document to be as error-free as possible.  Sounds tedious and annoying, but actually I love it. Plus, I get to hang with my imaginary friends — which probably sounds a bit freaky, but they’ve been in my head for so long, they DO start to feel real.

Finishing a book is somewhat sad in that respect because it’s time for me to say goodbye. However, I am releasing the entire, quirky, crazy cast of characters to you, and I hope you enjoy them as much as I loved writing them! Declan and Ali were so much fun for me to develop. Theirs is a fun, light-hearted story meant solely as a happy escape. Book reviews are always appreciated, so please let me — and other potential readers — know what you think!

Oh, and yes, there will be a THIRD book in the ‘Something’ series, but I’m still working out a few possibilities! More on that a bit later… Cheers until next time!