Book Release!

I am happy to report that Something to Remember, Ali and Declan’s story, is now available on Amazon, just in time for Valentine’s Day! Thanks to a nice snowfall resulting in school closings, I was able to finish up a few final details and call it a wrap. A short break is in order, I think, while I mull over the next story — because there’s always another story to tell. In fact, it has always been my intention to tell Dr. Meg Raney’s story for the third book (and that is still the plan), but it was actually an unplanned character who caught me by surprise in Book Two and demanded some attention. I listened. The little Brooklyn spitfire, Tibi Dare, is on the docket for a story of her own, somewhere down the road. Oh, my head is full of imaginary people! But that’s getting ahead of myself. Just now, snuggle in (because there’s sure to be more snow on the way) and enjoy a little escape to Ireland. And New York City. The fairies are back at work and true love is waiting…


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