Calling all Wattpadders!

Something to Believe, the first book in the ‘Something’ series is currently featured on Wattpad — you can check it out by following the link below! I welcome your comments and hope you enjoy a magical jaunt to Ireland!



Book Release!

I am happy to report that Something to Remember, Ali and Declan’s story, is now available on Amazon, just in time for Valentine’s Day! Thanks to a nice snowfall resulting in school closings, I was able to finish up a few final details and call it a wrap. A short break is in order, I think, while I mull over the next story — because there’s always another story to tell. In fact, it has always been my intention to tell Dr. Meg Raney’s story for the third book (and that is still the plan), but it was actually an unplanned character who caught me by surprise in Book Two and demanded some attention. I listened. The little Brooklyn spitfire, Tibi Dare, is on the docket for a story of her own, somewhere down the road. Oh, my head is full of imaginary people! But that’s getting ahead of myself. Just now, snuggle in (because there’s sure to be more snow on the way) and enjoy a little escape to Ireland. And New York City. The fairies are back at work and true love is waiting…

Next Book Coming Soon!

Two years. That’s about how long it takes, these days, for me to write a book. Not too bad when you throw in the Family/Life/Work schedule. AND, considering my first book took a span of twenty years…well, my writing pace has improved significantly, don’t you think?

Book Two, Something to Remember, featuring Ali and Declan, will be ready — I hope! — this February, 2014. We (meaning me and my characters) are just tying up lose ends, making sure everyone and everything gets due closure. Then, a final edit and read-through, which I do myself. Journalism happened to be my undergraduate degree and I try my best to make sure I’ve punctuated, capitalized and grammarized (okay, that last word I totally made up!) the entire document to be as error-free as possible.  Sounds tedious and annoying, but actually I love it. Plus, I get to hang with my imaginary friends — which probably sounds a bit freaky, but they’ve been in my head for so long, they DO start to feel real.

Finishing a book is somewhat sad in that respect because it’s time for me to say goodbye. However, I am releasing the entire, quirky, crazy cast of characters to you, and I hope you enjoy them as much as I loved writing them! Declan and Ali were so much fun for me to develop. Theirs is a fun, light-hearted story meant solely as a happy escape. Book reviews are always appreciated, so please let me — and other potential readers — know what you think!

Oh, and yes, there will be a THIRD book in the ‘Something’ series, but I’m still working out a few possibilities! More on that a bit later… Cheers until next time!

Disclaimer Alert!!!

Welcome & Warning: What you need to know about me — especially if you’re waiting for another book…

I don’t burn every batch of brownies. It only happens when I attempt to bake and write at the same time — not a wise combination in my house! You see, I am horribly inept at multi-tasking. When Life attacks from all directions, I can (and do) juggle multiple demands, but the results are usually never pretty. That’s because I’m wired to live in each moment, to focus my attention on one thing/event/activity at a time. Case in point: when I am grocery shopping and my cell phone rings, I have to pull my cart over to the side of the aisle to take the call. Seriously, I cannot shop for food and talk on the phone at the same time. No can do. Because God only knows what might end up in my cart without my knowing. Pathetic, I know, but It is what it is” (my favorite mantra!), so I’ve learned to embrace my Mono-Tasking Self. After all, my best work comes from this girl! She’s efficient, organized, and attends to detail. And she’s working on another book — but you must be patient because it has to come together in her Spare Time. Life is full. Life is busy. Life is good. Meanwhile, bake some brownies and enjoy the chew!