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Something to Believe In (2012), the first book in the “Something” series, was written in spurts over a span of many, many years (don’t ask!). The setting was inspired by an international exchange to Dublin, Ireland for a semester during college. Although sheep and cow crossings were a common sighting, the characters and (most) events are solely the product of my imagination — including the fairy sprites! It is my hope this book fondly conveys the Irish as an endearing, gregarious, and affectionately quirky lot.

In this story, Seamus and Glenna, two upwardly-mobile fairy sprites, have only one matchmaking mission standing between them and a major promotion. So when the stars align (and the stars NEVER lie), marking two disillusioned, disinclined, and downright uncooperative human candidates as soul mates, they know they have their work cut out for them.

The American, Bailey O’Brien of San Francisco, studies Irish folklore and is quite familiar with the more fanciful and romantic elements of her work, but she doesn’t actually believe in magical creatures, enchantments, or true love. She snubs the idea of fate or destiny having anything to do with her arrival on the Emerald Isle where she intends to keep her skeptic heart closed and her capable head clearly focused on a new teaching position.

The Irishman, Nick Reardon of Dublin Town, is still grieving the death of his younger brother and has spent the past year trying to temper his anger and aggression on the Gaelic football field. Now he’s ready to return to his quiet life as an English professor — and start writing again. He lacks the interest or inclination to care for much else, choosing to direct what’s left in his emotional reservoir on his widowed sister-in-law and nephew. They are the only blips on his relationship radar, and he is determined to keep it that way.

The plan: connecting two reluctant soul mates requires some fanciful maneuvering, which means Seamus and Glenna are not above enlisting the help of a few well-meaning friends, capitalizing on a harmless wager, throwing in a pint or two of Guinness, and resorting to wee amounts of blackmail and sabotage to accomplish their goal. But, will this zealous push lead to desire, or backfire into disaster?

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In Something to Remember (2014), the second book in the “Something” series, Seamus and Glenna are still programming the stars and working their fairy magic, this time focusing their telescope on Ali McTiernan and Declan Mulrooney. However, the anticipated match is jeopardized when an unexpected Celestial Event hijacks their star paths and points them in two very different directions, aligning them with the wrong soul mates! Ali is determined to pursue her dream and make her mark on the fashion world in New York City, and Declan’s life is firmly rooted in Ireland. While Seamus and Glenna help Fate and Destiny untangle a starry mess in the heavens, Ebb and Flow, twin matchmaking sprites, are deployed on a rookie assignment to navigate two wayward hearts back to each other and a love that was meant to be.

Book Two now available at Amazon.

Book Two now available at Amazon.

What’s Next?

  • Why, a third book in the “Something” series, of course! Something to Hold Onto is set partly in San Francisco where Irish native Dr. Meg Raney, a university professor, has reached a daunting impasse in every conceivable part of her life: her work isn’t necessarily boring but it no longer excites her, she has no love life to speak of, and her usual perky attitude has taken a nosedive. For someone who embodies All Things Irish, she seems to be running low on Pixie Dust. Everything about her daily grind has become predictable, and with the holidays coming, she’s desperate for change. Something — anything! — to get her blood pumping, her adrenaline flowing, her heart racing. A tall, good-looking man with charm and personality would be a nice start. Surely that wasn’t too much to ask for Christmas this year? She needs someone who can rekindle her love life, wind her biological clock, and blow her mind with toe-curling sex because, at almost forty, she is borderline eccentric — at high-risk of becoming a single dwelling multiple cat owner. So, rather than succumb to the box of free, sweet-faced kittens on her way home from work, she buys a plane ticket to Ireland instead — her third trip ‘home’ in a year’s time — to attend what else? A wedding. Not hers, unfortunately, but maybe, if there is any truth to the saying, “Third time’s a charm,” her visit might involve a Prince Charming of her very own.

3 comments on “My Books

  1. Peg says:

    I know that Meg’s story will be great!

    • K.S. Micheli says:

      Her story is halfway complete! Poor Meg…I really need to get back to her — seems I’ve taken a short hiatus from writing, but that’s going to change in the new year! I hope you know this story is all because of your comment in the hallway one day several years ago…”Meg really needs her own story,” you said. Hmmm. The wheels began turning. I have a plan for her and I think you’ll like it! Stay tuned!

  2. Kendra says:

    I’m so excited to get these books from Amazon ^_^

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